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Dallas Cup 2018

Published: 23rd March 2018

Liverpool Football College have arrived in Texas with 54 students (3 squads) to the world renowned Dallas Cup.

The Dallas Cup is one of the premier youth soccer competitions in the world, with 180 teams from 40 countries.

In 2014 the College reached the Final only to be beaten 1-0 by the Costa Rica National side.

Coach Dave Rowe said, “In 2017 we reached the pinnacle winning the Dallas Cup with an unbelievable group of players. Over the 4 years participating in the tournament 16 players have gained USA Scholarships. This only tells a bit of the story of the impact of which it has on the young peoples lives. It’s fantastic to be successful, but for us it’s mainly about the process the boys undergo when selected in the squad and watching their progress as young adults.”

Rowe added, “Their lifestyles, the way they conduct themselves, educate them around social media use, fitness, diet, discipline on the pitch and just before we depart really focus on cultural awareness. Many have not visited the USA before and it can be a real eye opener for the boys in terms of the scale of everything in Dallas, the unbelievable hospitality of the Texans and then the intensity of the tournament. It’s literally a global experience facing teams from Japan, Mexico, Brazil with match officials from as far as Austrialia. It’s truly a life-changing experience.”

The stock at the Liverpool Football College is high with defender, Fiddan Hajdari recently spending 6 weeks on trial with Steven Gerard’s LFC U18’s while striker Matty Corness is attracting the attention of numerous scouts. They hope the Dallas Cup experience will give them the springboard they need for their next steps.

Dallas Cup 2018 winning goalkeeper Owen Wheeler, said, “it was the best time of my life, I’m now in America on a Scholarship having a brilliant time. I have trained with Suarez and Coutinho at Liverpool but this was the highlight of my career so far.

The tournament starts Sunday 25th March.


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