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Liverpool Football College is a special community, where hard work, commitment and high standards are the norm. We have witnessed many fine achievements since we opened our doors in 2011. We would like to thank our staff and students for their continued conscientious approach, endeavour and dedication in raising aspirations and attainment at the college. Our motto ‘Achieving Excellence Together’ is fundamental to our continued growth and success.

The success of our football programme has been outstanding; winning numerous cups including the 2017 Dallas Cup, many League trophies and seeing many of our players progressing to professional and semi-professional football. Success is evident in our young student coaches who have gained nationally recognised qualifications and progressed into coaching roles in the UK and USA.

Students continue to achieve the highest possible outcomes in their studies. 100% of university applicants have received offers from their first choice university course. We are so proud to see our Alumni in Universities all over the UK and USA. Our first cohort of students are now graduating from Universities in teaching, sport science and sport business to name a few.

Liverpool Football College is a positive, vibrant and successful college. We look forward to welcoming you with all the latest developments and innovations as part of the vision here at Liverpool Football College.